On May 31, 2020 Capitol Groove Collective members met publicly online and invited others to take part in a productive conversation of healing and discussing how to make progress racially globally, and especially in the United States.

Here are just of the few ways recommended in the video to take actionable steps toward achieving true racial equality in our daily lives:


1. Do the work of finding your internal biases and always question them.

2. Use your platform and your privilege to denounce racism.

3. Invest in black companies. Buy from black businesses

4. Do not support any person or entity, or do business with anyone who reflects racist sentiments

5.Let people know it is okay to have a conversation. Be prepared for both sides…

6. Find out about your history. “Cowardice has been handed down to you as a gift.” – Cody

7. Take part in Petitions. Become a Global Citizen. Change[dot]org (or similar). Vote.

Capitol Groove Collective

Capitol Groove Collective

Capitol Groove Collective is an inclusive, creator-driven, organization producing versatile musicpreneurs and serving the DC Metropolitan area through entertainment, education, and advocacy.

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