Amidst a climate of political upheaval, disagreements on basic human rights, police brutality, and a pandemic, music seems to be one of the most effective methods of bringing hope to the people.

Capitol Groove Collective (CGC) is a diverse community of creatives whose strength lies in the vast array of genre, gender, and ethnicity of artists involved in the mission of bringing DC music to the national stage. The collective was founded by Goddess-rocker Emma G and is co-managed by rock musician YellowTieGuy and pop-rock, singer-songwriter SOLIA. CGC consists of nine other creatives from the DC metropolitan region in total, including:

Billy Mayfield (soul)

Music Giff (country-soul)

Jarreau Williams (R&B)

Silence Echoez (rock)

Jonny Grave (rock)

Nick DePinto (country-rock)

Stephanie Mathias (classical pop)

Ting Lin (Spanish/Mandarin pop-fusion) and

Josh Roberts (music producer)

The murder of George Floyd, and the consequential social justice protests and marches across the world, amplified the artivitst (artist-activist) spirit of CGC that was the invisible driving force behind its members coming together in the first place. And through their combined artivist powers, “Dig Deep” was born!

“Dig Deep” is a song of hope, challenge, and love. It is a call to action for the United States – and the world – to “dig deep”, “stand tall,” and “break these chains” of oppression and racial injustice.

“Dig Deep” was written by Emma G, Daniel Warren Hill (aka YellowTieGuy), Stephanie Mathias, Solia Bickersteth (aka SOLIA), and Nick DePinto, and the final track features performances from almost every current member of Capitol Groove Collective.

“The pandemic has really stifled a lot of creative output for our artists, with most of us having planned regular releases throughout the year,” Emma G explains. “So the fact that we were able to come together – albeit mostly physically distantly – to record this track has been incredibly important to us.”

SOLIA agrees saying, “I was on track to record and release new music every three months this year, but before I even got the chance to film my last single, “Last Pity Party,” I had to pivot my creative direction and produce a socially distant music video instead…. And it’s only gotten more difficult – but it’s not stopping us!”

YellowTieGuy laughs, “That’s right! When the going gets tough, the tough get going…. And this

is such an important fight. So, you KNOW Capitol Groove Collective had to step it up and create something of hope.”

And they’re not wrong. Capitol Groove Collective is the perfect representation of a diverse range of voices wanting to connect, communicate, and work through these issues together – with a coopetition mindset and artivism leading the way.

“We can’t wait to Dig Deep with y’all”, Emma G laughs.

“Dig Deep” comes out August 7th on all major platforms.



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