Wild Whispers is a harmony-driven cinematic pop duo formed by Eli Lev and Megan Leigh. Their sound consists of lyrical storytelling and arrangements that push the boundaries of indie folk music. Their debut single “Icarus Rising”, released in September 2020, takes everything you know about acoustic pop and soul and flips it on its head. This is the first of a trilogy project based on the Greek myth of Icarus’ journey to the Sun. The two remaining singles are scheduled to release later this year. Always a plan in place when this duo creates! In this episode, Eli and Megan share their past travels, musical beginnings, the events that inspired them to join forces, and how they have creatively navigated the pandemic finding exciting ways to engage their fanbase virtually. Hosted by Jarreau Williams. Graphic Design by Stephanie Mathias. Audio/Video Editing & Mastering by Daniel Warren Hill.

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