Alexia Christian is an original artist who writes both Rock and Pop style music. Everyday experiences, books, and fantasies are a few inspirations for her songwriting, especially in her newest album, “For Singles Only”. Her new album talks about the beauty of being single, standing up for oneself, and empowering others. She has been in a few bands as she enjoys collaborating with other talented musicians and sharing the energy on stage. Right now she is focused on her solo career as a Pop artist. Aside from that, she is also a music teacher for voice, guitar, and piano. Her students range from age 5 up to 50 and she loves sharing her passion with music with them. Alexia also loves fashion and thinks that it plays an important role in the music persona. Her style varies depending on her mood on the day of the performance. She loves all the awesome music venues that DMV has to offer, as well as the talented musicians that she gets to collaborate with. She is currently recording her next single so expect new music from her in the Spring!

Featured song: “100” by Alexia Christian

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