Growing up in Delaware, Andrew Toy first experienced music in his childhood in the 90s, falling in love with drums almost immediately. He has played with numerous bands from high school to after college on cruise ships, soaking up influences from different types of music and cultures around the world. Andrew is all about getting out of his comfort zone to learn and grow as an independent musician. He takes inspiration from different worlds while creating his own music, which started in 2016. He loves experimenting with different textures and sounds when writing and performing with drums or percussions. During this pandemic year, he has been able to focus more on his own music as well as virtual recording for other artists and teaching students remotely. Proud to be a part of the DMV music community, Andrew thinks that it brings people from all over the world together and it’s a melting pot of music influences.

Featured Track: “Daytime Raccoon” by Andrew Toy

Hosted by: Ting Lin

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