Matt, Kanjia, and Kush are enthusiastically motivated and inspired by the Washington D.C. area as an international community. Whether you are after fine cuisine, incredible music, or to connect with someone’s unique history and experiences, the band believes in paying it forward as they seek out opportunities for collaborations that also include fair financial compensation. The band is justified in having a hard-to-identify sound as their collaborations and song-serving songwriting style yield unique results for every individual track. After launching “Legwork” in October 2020, Kromanauts hope to represent each future release with a quality music video to accompany it.

Featured track “Legwork” by Kromanauts

Hosted by Daniel Warren Hill 

Produced by Capitol Groove Collective

Graphic Design by Stephanie Mathias & Solia

Audio/Video Editing, Mixing & Mastering by Daniel Warren Hill

Distributed by Alchemical Records ©2021 Capitol Groove Collective. All rights reserved by their respective rights holders, and used with permission.

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