Ariana Harbin, known as Ari Voxx, has a very special connection to music as it has helped her get through a lot of life experiences. Music is a place of healing, comfort, and expression for her. From being in a band, to forming her own band project “Sweet Something”, to going solo, her music journey has been parallel to her mental health journey. She even took a few years of hiatus from music to work on a career in hospitality. However, she eventually got back to music which is her true passion. At the core of it all, she stays true to herself as a musician, emphasizing on authenticity, complexity, and balance. Her indie, melancholic, and chill music is influenced by musicians from different genres and decades. Her music fashion style is influenced by her music, mood, and thrift finds. The causes that she cares about deeply are racial injustice, colorism, and mental health. She hopes that through sharing her own experiences through music, she can help others who are going through the same struggles to feel seen, understood, and heal.

Featured Track: “Infatuated” by Ari Voxx

Hosted by Ting Lin

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