Knovo produces music that can be vaguely summed up as “dreamy jazzy synth-rock”. They are a band of local musicians who met through music and decided to combine their musical talents together into a unified sound. They love experimenting with different elements in their music, not confined to a single genre nor sound. They want their audience and listeners to groove, dance, feel and connect to the music, and even sometimes be pleasantly surprised by it. The pandemic has posed many challenges but they are in the process of releasing their first EP album this year! With hopes of growth and success at the world stage level, the band puts its focus on producing good music and letting that drive them where it may be. They love the DMV music scene for its diversity and pool of talents, but also appreciate the collaborations with musicians in Philly and New York.

Featured Track: “Dizzy Kong” by Knovo

Hosted by Ting Lin

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