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Capitol Groove Collective is an inclusive, creator-driven, organization producing versatile musicpreneurs and serving the DC Metropolitan area through entertainment, education, and advocacy.

Our Story

Capitol Groove Collective (CGC) was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a supportive, cooperative community of artists aiming for growth and success for all of our members.

We were inspired to come together to bring DC music to a national stage, by our founder, Emma G, and our co-founders, Daniel Warren Hill and SOLIA.

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Current news & events, and helpful information from our members

S1E17 – Ting Lin hosting, with special guest Knovo

S1E17 – Ting Lin hosting, with special guest Knovo

Knovo produces music that can be vaguely summed up as “dreamy jazzy synth-rock”. They are a band of local musicians who met through music and decided to combine their musical talents together into a unified sound. They love experimenting with different elements in their music, not confined to a single genre nor sound. They want their audience and listeners to groove, dance, feel and connect to the music, and even sometimes be pleasantly surprised by it. The pandemic has posed many challenges but they are in the process of releasing their first EP album this year! With hopes of growth and success at the world stage level, the band puts its focus on producing good music and letting that drive them where it may be. They love the DMV music scene for its diversity and pool of talents, but also appreciate the collaborations with musicians in Philly and New York.

S1E16 – Jarreau Williams hosting, with special guest Brendan Lane

S1E16 – Jarreau Williams hosting, with special guest Brendan Lane

Brendan Lane hails from Annapolis, MD and skillfully blends a lively mix of Rock’N’Roll, blues, and contemporary pop elements into his music. He recently returned home after performing on a cruise ship; entertaining crowds across three continents on land and sea with over 1000 performances to his credit. His vibe includes themes of love, loss, and adventure in addition to rollicking harmonica interludes; outlining every aspect of the human experience. In this episode, Brendan shares his devotion to bring honesty to every song he writes by highlighting the commonalities we all share. We also discuss incorporating songs in your life that you can hold on to, life performing on a cruise liner, and how moments from his childhood inspired him to continue writing and releasing content today.

S1E15 – Daniel Hill hosting, with special guest Linc Bradham

S1E15 – Daniel Hill hosting, with special guest Linc Bradham

Linc Bradham is an active Army service member who specializes as an Arabic linguist and analyst. His love for music and the military has motivated him to combine his efforts by pursuing a role in the United States Army Band while continuing to release music on his own. In 2020 Linc released two singles as well as his debut EP, The Darkest of Nights. He is passionate about providing music and music education to individuals and families in the middle east who don’t have access to resources available elsewhere and using music as a tool for healing and building community. Throw in some freestyle rap about overcoming obstacles and you’ve got yourself a peek at an artist who isn’t afraid to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.

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Capitol Groove Collective recognizes that top-notch musical talent partnered with the experience and services of other entertainment and media professionals is a formula for the mutual success of all creative professionals.