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This Week: April 12, 2020

This Week: April 12, 2020

Virtual Events Virtual Events hosted by CGC and it’s members the week of April 12, 2020 More From Our Archives If you enjoy the article above, you may enjoy more of our offerings: The Journey of a Song by Ting Lin | Apr 15, 2020 | Education, Songwriting,...

College Gigs and How To Market Them

College Gigs and How To Market Them Tunecore has released an article in partnership with TuneCore and students at Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont University about marketing college gigs. You can read the full article on the Tunecore...

Music Notation Cheat Codes

Notated Music Cheat Codes Reverbnation has shared a guest post by splice on the Reverbnation website outlining some concepts for you to read notation and be able to tell the key of a song from the number of sharps and flats in the key signature. You can read the full...

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