M Bloc Music Fest 2023: The Jansen and Ali Set to Ignite

M Bloc Music Fest
M Bloc Music Fest

From October 14-15, 2023, M Bloc Music Fest 2023 will include several musicians and bands.

Celebrate Emerging Talents at M Bloc Music Fest

M Bloc Music Fest (MBMF) is an annual curated multi-genre music event that showcases up-and-coming bands and musicians.

An exciting lineup of emerging artists

The Jansen, Ali, Pink Pitch, Eleanor Whisper, Sokhi, Milka Eime, Arash Buana, and Tabrak Lari are rising stars. Famous acts including Perunggu, Efek Rumah Kaca, SORE, Gugun Blues Shelter, Rumahsakit, and Sisitipsi will perform alongside these new stars.

M Bloc Space’s Flexible Venues

M Bloc Space will host M Bloc Music Fest 2023 at M Bloc Live House, Bloc Bar, and New M Bloc Outdoor Park.

The M Bloc Fest 2023 Series

This music festival is part of Evoria’s annual creative industry fair M Bloc Fest 2023. M Bloc Entertainment organizes the music, art, design, and content festival.

M Bloc Space’s Fourth Anniversary

The festival marks M Bloc Space’s fourth anniversary on September 26, 2023. The Jakarta public creative hub is a hub for activities and networking.

Event Variety at M Bloc Fest 2023

M Bloc Fest 2023, held from September 23rd to October 15th, 2023, at M Bloc Space, including a variety of events at M Bloc Live House, Evo Corner, Creative Hall, Bloc Bar, and New M Bloc Outdoor Park.

Growth and Future Plans

M Bloc Fest 2023 uses a new outdoor space with 3,000 seats, unlike last year. This area, originally part of the demolished Peruri office building, will become the New M Bloc Space next year, hosting concerts and festivals.

Mission to Impact Cultural Calendar

M Bloc Group Program Director and Co-founder Wendi Putranto stressed M Bloc Fest’s dedication to being a major Jakarta event. Local and national creative talent in music, art, design, and content development is featured during the event.

M Bloc Fest 2024: Expecting Greatness

In its second year, M Bloc Fest is expanding its audience with a new outdoor venue. In 2024, M Bloc Fest will be even better at the new venue.

M Bloc Fest 2023 Series Summary

Three festivals make up M Bloc Fest 2023:

  1. M Bloc Design Week 2023

MBDW, from September 23rd to October 8th, showcases architecture, fashion, graphic design, product design, and photography.

MBDW2023 features installations, workshops, talks, and concerts under the topic “Daur Rupa” (Cycle of Form).

  1. XNation: Pop Culture Extravaganza

XNation, held October 11–15, 2023, is the only pop culture festival in the national creative business with 100% local creators.

This event gathers communities, professionals, industry participants, geeks, nerds, comic authors, gamers, IP managers, animators, and independent artists making Art Toys.

  1. M Bloc Music Fest 2023

MBMF is a two-day multi-genre music festival on October 14th and 15th that showcases new artists who could change music.

Festival representation Evoria stresses the merging of music, design, pop culture, and innovation to offer a meaningful exploring experience.

Tickets: Available Now

Loketcom sells M Bloc Fest 2023 tickets. A vibrant mix of originality, diversity, and new talents in Jakarta’s cultural landscape is promised for the event.