Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK have been Rumored to Start a Record Label


A lot of talk has been going around about how Jisoo and Jennie might quit their jobs as members of the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK. The artists and the agency are now in talks, and there have been reports that the two may be looking into the idea of starting their own label separate from YG Entertainment. This would bring something new to the conversations that are going on right now.

The claims have been refuted by YG Entertainment

When YG Entertainment heard about the rumors, they released a statement saying that no final decision has been made about BLACKPINK’s contracts or their future plans. But because of the agency’s answer, fans and people on the internet are now looking for more information and honesty about the group’s plans for the future.

People who follow want to know the truth

Fans and people on the internet are very unhappy with YG Entertainment’s lack of openness. A comment made by the agency was seen by many as an oblique hint that Jisoo and Jennie may be moving to start their own label. “Basically, YG Entertainment is not denying that Jisoo and Jennie will leave and start their own label,” said someone in the online community. Someone else spoke up and said, “Based on the latest news, it looks like the members of BLACKPINK will not be renewing their contracts.” Fans of BLACKPINK currently split down the middle. They want more solid information because they don’t know what will happen with the group.

Effects that might happen in the future for BLACKPINK

Even though YG Entertainment hasn’t said anything directly about the rumors of Jisoo and Jennie’s possible record deal, BLACKPINK’s long-term chances are still uncertain. There is still no answer to the question of whether the two members of BLACKPINK will keep marketing themselves under the BLACKPINK name or start a whole new project. There is even more uncertainty because of the unresolved problems with music rights and copyright related to the group name.

What’s going on with BLACKPINK’s contracts right now

As of August 2023, BLACKPINK’s contracts with YG Entertainment are over. This means that the group has no longer a job with YG Entertainment. A story from Sports Seoul on September 21, the same year, said that Rose was the only member who had renewed her contract with YG Entertainment. This was the first piece of news that broke the story. An online news source said that Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie have decided to leave the business.

An agreement in principle to keep performing as BLACKPINK

People say that Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie have agreed to keep selling as BLACKPINK for six months to a year, even though they have left YG Entertainment. This set-up an exact copy of the one SM Entertainment used with Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Eunhyuk. This new turn of events gives some hope that the three will keep doing what they’re doing, but we still don’t know what will happen with their possible departure from YG Entertainment.

We will wait until there is more information

Fans are holding their breath for YG Entertainment to share more information that will shed light on BLACKPINK’s coming projects. The next few weeks or months will be very important because they give YG Entertainment a chance to give much-needed details about the group’s plans for the future. Fans and people who use the internet will have to wait until then to be able to find their way around the new area of BLACKPINK’s possible change.